Saturday, April 9, 2011

My New Favorite Snack/Small Meal

(I know I've been absent and I'm sorry. I do have lots of planned updates, though, so you should really come back often.)

My quest for eating better to feel better is going well. With the help of Food Harmony and my sister, I've gotten a lot of good tips and suggestions. In fact, I'm feeling SO much better - and down 25 pounds!

The other morning I couldn't decide what to have for breakfast. I thought about having oatmeal at work, but that wasn't really sounding good. Then, I saw broccoli in the fridge. I decided to steam a cup of that. (I've never been strict on breakfast foods at breakfast and dinner foods at dinner.) I sprinkled it with ginger, crushed red peppers and some soy sauce and then stuck in the microwave for a minute and half. IT WAS SO GOOD! I ate that before work and then had an apple at the office. Super yummy and fast.

I'm going to keep looking for ideas that keep me satisfied, happy and feeling good. Come back soon - I'm going to post pics and a recipe for a dairy and gluten free quiche. Don't worry - it tasted much better than it sounds!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Green Mashed Potatoes

It's true. Today, I made green mashed potatoes AND my kids ate them! I was too lazy to get the camera out, so I didn't take any pictures. But, really, you must make them at home.

For some reason I've been on an avocado kick lately. I've been putting them in smoothies and salads and they've been delicious. They really make smoothies creamy. Now, I've never in my life made mashed potatoes but I started thinking that an avocado would probably make mashed potatoes pretty creamy, too. I was right. THEY WERE UNBELIEVABLE! My kids loved them. I loved them. It's taking every ounce of will power I have not to get the leftovers out of the fridge right now.

Garlic and Avocado Mashed Potatoes
Potatoes, cubed
Garlic (to taste), minced
1T butter or butter substitute
Vegetable (or other flavor) broth
1 Avocado
Salt and Pepper

Cube potatoes (I used 6 and had leftovers after feeding 1 adult and 3 children.) Place in the bottom of an appropriately sized pot. Pour broth over potatoes so that broth is about an inch higher than potatoes. Boil the broth and then let the potatoes simmer until they are easily pierced with a fork.

In the meantime, melt the butter in a sauce pan and then saute until lightly browned. Also, peal the avocado and chop into small pieces.

Put the garlic, avocado and potatoes in your blender (I actually used a Ninja) or bowl to hand mash. Add 1/4 to 1/3 cup cooking broth, as well. Blend. Salt and pepper to taste.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm still trying

Until last night, things had been going pretty well. I mean, I did eat the couscous. But, that was much better than the story I'm about to tell you!

We had a work dinner at Russell's Steak House last night. I had a feeling that I would cheat a little. I don't get to go there very often and they have some great items. But, I also thought I would I would be able to keep it mostly together. However, I ordered a glass of chardonnay before dinner, even as my brain was screaming that I should just have some water. So, one glass of wine in, I decided that I shouldn't have the ahi tuna that I had my eye on. No...I should have surf-and-turf with pepperjack stuffed shrimp. Then, one of my coworkers suggested that we share goat cheese stuffed banana peppers as an appetizer. How could I say no?

As we ordered, red wine was poured for everyone at the table. Man, was it good! The glass never emptied. If it got even close, the waiter added more. All of the side dishes were ala carte, and my heart dropped when I saw someone had ordered lobster macaroni and cheese. Another thing I couldn't say no to.

Partway through my EXCELLENT dinner, one of the VPs order me a glass of Stoli Elite on the rocks. Um, you need to know, this is one of the best vodkas ever made. You should also know that I had no business drinking it!

After dinner, I ordered a cup of decaf coffee. I thought I would make it through without dessert, but was somehow convinced to get the creme brulee sampler. A sampler. I ate 3 (small) desserts.

My body went into a full-fledged attack on me! I had been eating nothing but veggies and protein and I went ahead and gorged on fat, dairy and alcohol. Now, I don't necessarily regret it. I won't be back at the restaurant for a long time. I got really sick, though. This was definitely a lesson that moderation is key.

I got back on track today. It's just me and two of the kids at home tonight. I had sushi while they ate a "special" dinner of Stouffer's mac-n-cheese. They also made ice cream sundaes (I think I'm being rather indulgent, no?) while they watch a movie. I just grabbed my laptop after helping them with their dessert and am sitting with the puppies. I don't even want it.

Despite my questionable behavior, I think I'll make it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yeah. This is hard.

So, as you might have guessed, this is hard. I did really well over the weekend. I had sushi, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, soy milk and chicken. I had tea the whole weekend, too, and had no problems. THEN - I got to work on Monday. I guess I like to eat at work. Holy cow...that was hard. I was hungry almost all day, although I managed to stick to the plan.

Last night was a different story. I had planned and purchased what I needed to make shrimp and crab patties. I even bought corn crumbs to use instead of bread crumbs. The kids were really excited; they were even excited about the cauliflower I bought as the veggie. I ended up making couscous for the kids, since I knew that one pattie and cauliflower wouldn't be enough. It was parmesan couscous. And then I ate some. I don't know why I ate it, but I did.

WAIT. I DO know why I ate it: because I have no self control! I'm also a very emotional eater. I also ate the WHOLE bag of jalapeno tortilla chips I bought yesterday, instead of only eating a serving every day like I had planned.

I think I need to focus on the eating to feel better, by omitting the wheat and dairy, and not think about weight loss or anything else. I'm mixing the two and that's making it harder.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

There's Something Wrong

I've always been interested in living a more simple, natural lifestyle. I'm intrigued by healthier foods, less chemicals and the like. But, I'm also, at times, lazy. With three kids and a (not into anything natural at all) husband, it's often easier to just have processed food for meals. I mean, how can I work full time AND deal with completely changing our food and living habits? Well, life has essentially kicked me in the gut and told me that it's time to start taking all of this more seriously.

A few years ago, I began having an aversion to wine. This was crazy sad, because I really like wine. First I couldn't have red wine, then it turned into white, too. Any wine at all would make me incredibly sick. Next...gin. This kept going until, now, the only thing I can really drink is vodka. And, only a small bit. (Please know that this is fine - I've always been just a social drinker. I just didn't realize that my stomach was trying to tell me something.)

After the alcohol, my body decided that it didn't like milk. For better or worse, my family has always been huge milk drinkers. I gave it up a few months ago and for a short time, my belly felt better. That was short-lived, though. I think it's time to go dairy-free.

I've talked with friends and family, who have all recommended various foods, supplements, detox kits and diets to help with my issues. Eliminate processed sugars, eliminate dairy, eat more veggies. This is all easier said than done, though, and I'm not sure who much I can stick with.

I met with a woman at a health food store today and we came up with the beginning of a plan. This will have to evolve into more. I will also have to, at some point, bring my family into it. For now, though, this is what I'm doing:

Taking acidophilus each day
Taking Chlorella each day*
Drinking a detox tea each morning
Drinking a bedtime tea each night
Eating nothing but fruits, veggies and lean protein for meals

I'm going to follow this plan for two weeks. If it's working at all, I should know by then. I imagine I will be adding and subtracting foods to see what works. I will also be trying to document things here, so that I can not only get support, but to also (hopefully) help someone else who may be having similar problems. (My "problems" include rosacea, stomach cramping and pain, headaches and sleeplessness.)

Let's see what happens!

*I'm nervous about this one. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with it? I'm taking much less than the recommended dose for now.